About Us

Our facility has been established in Mucur district of Kırşehir as the first flour plant in the region. Our company, going into action with 30 tonnes capacity in the first days of business life, has reached 1100 tonnes daily wheat processing capacity in the following years by sizable investments and the complete revision with state of the art technology machinary in 2011.   

Our company is continuing operations in 55.000 m2 factory site including 8.900 m2 indoor area and also comprising a 346.900 m2 contiguous zone for further investments and currently for stockpile.

Besides the trustable and strong presence in the sector since 1983, it takes principle the customer satisfaction as the priority, it has been an exemplified company both regional and sectoral and the business that was committed has been follwed by the other companies.

Our products has been manufactured for bread bin, baklava, pastry, phyllo dough, dough, pizza and other products particularly for bakeries and patisseries; has been preferred with wide product range and continuous sustainable quality even some brands have benn effective in price formation in the market.

It exists 14 steel silos, wheat silo with 16 thousand tonnes capacity, horizontal and vertical wheat silo with 9 thousand tonnes, indoor area storage with 9 thousand tonnes and flour silo with 6 thousand tonnes.

Keeping up close pace with the technology structure, attaching importance to the R&D investments, expert staff, high technological laboratory equipments and using quality raw material has shown that our company has always been in a visionary structure and for the reason, inspiring the foreign customers with confidence, it has been reason for preference in export.

As well as producing quality products, the freight shipment throughout Turkey is made by the vehicle fleet belongs to our company to deliver on time to customers. The 47 vehicle commercial fleet is used for both supplying raw material and to prevent business interruption in the busy summer period.  

The sales and the promotional activities are carried on by the 18 salesmen as well as the dealers throughout the country.

Our company, adopting employment as one of the fundamental principles, has been employing 172 staff under Çağlayanlar Flour Company, carrying out the financial obligations to the State with setting tax record figures and is one of the outstanding companies on basis of sales with real production values in Middle Anatolia Region.      


  • Our New Website Is Online
    21 June 2011

    Our new web site has just been launched, so contacting us becomes easier, locating the needed information is faster and remaining well informed and up [More]